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We published our latest report yesterday looking at the state of play within the online financial price comparison sector. The report, entitled Future comparisons: What’s next for price comparison websites, is now available for free download from this site. We decided to look at  financial price comparison sites as this sector has been very visible so far this year, with all the major players doing extended advertising campaigns:

  • Confused.com has been pushing themselves as offering a user-friendly process
  • GoCompare has continued to push their (rather bizarre) 5* rating system
  • MoneySupermaket has used Peter Jones to sell their wares
  • uSwitch has lost the gospel choir and opted to push their new ‘uSwitch uSave uSmile’ strapline
  • CompareTheMarket continues to push their CompareTheMeerkat offering (you have to check this out if you haven’t already seen it)

Despite these high profile advertising campaigns and the global recession, visitor numbers fell sharply in the early parts of this year. Due to this, and it being such an incredibly competitive industry, we thought we’d investigate the online financial price comparison sector.

Our report looks at past trends and how the comparison site market currently stands, as well as making robust recommendations for future developments. Trust, loyalty and user experience will be key to future success for all of these websites, with a particular need to focus on:

  • Presentation of results
  • Filter and sorting on the results page
  • Retrieval of quotes
  • Explaining how the site works

You can read all about this and more in the Future comparisons: What’s next for price comparison websites – download it today (it’s free!).

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