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Newsletter issue #59 - 2nd February 2009

This issue

Welcome to the February 2009 edition of the Webcredible newsletter!

In this issue:

  • Feature article: Getting your website right - uses and misuses of web design patterns
  • Top tip: Ensure you get the most out of online video
  • Useful program: Foxmarks
  • Top link: Screen Reality Report
  • New articles in January
  • Webcredible news in January


Feature article: Getting your website right - uses and misuses of web design patterns

A well designed website is absolutely crucial to future business, particularly when online is used as a channel for sales. This article looks at the pitfalls of website design patterns and how companies can use them successfully to aid website design, helping to ensure an online proposition that's as effective as possible.

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Top tip: Ensure you get the most out of online video

The use of online video has been a growing phenomenon in recent years, and an increasing number of websites are introducing video content to keep users engaged. However, it's not just a case of putting up video content and users will flock to your site. If the video content you use isn't relevant, easy to find and easy to use, then it will not help you engage your users.

  1. Only use video that benefits your users You must ensure any videos are relevant and add value to the existing site content. If your videos aren't compelling and related to the page content, then users will likely not bother to view them. For example, a video of a product demo could be valuable in attracting users to your site. However, it's no use if it isn't on the page where that product is explained and if it doesn't show anything that users aren't able to establish though the existing text and imagery.
  2. Follow conventions Users tend to have pre-conceived ideas about what video content will look like and it's best not to challenge these expectations. You must ensure your videos have clear play buttons to demonstrate that they are videos. In addition, you should also use a meaningful display that reflects the video content and a descriptive summary of the video as well as displaying how long the video lasts.
  3. Provide a transcript Video transcripts are crucial not just for accessibility purposes, but also for search engine optimisation. If you ensure that you create an alternative, text version of the video then the content will be accessible to visually impaired users and to the search engines. This will help the video content serve as a real attraction and traffic driver to your website.

Useful program: Foxmarks

Want access to your up-to-date online bookmarks and passwords at any computer? Foxmarks is a free add-on for Firefox that syncs and backs up your bookmarks and passwords across multiple computers. Simply download Foxmarks onto each computer you want to sync up, and it will keep all your bookmarks updated and safe from computer failure.

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Top link: Screen Reality Report

Webcredible's latest white paper investigates convergence across PC, TV and mobile with a view to predicting developments within the sector.

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New articles in January

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Webcredible news in January

  • P&O Cruises case study goes live
  • Econsultancy launches new website following work with Webcredible
  • Webcredible sponsors Twestival
  • Webcredible work sees page view uplift for iknow-uk
  • 2009 screen reality report available now
  • uSwitch launches new website following work by Webcredible
  • Webcredible gets new account manager

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