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Newsletter issue #76 - 1st July 2010

This issue

Welcome to the July 2010 edition of the Webcredible newsletter!

In this issue:

  • Feature article: Working your tone of voice online
  • Blog highlights in June
  • New articles in June
  • Useful program: W3C Link Checker
  • Top link: World Cup usability report


Events this month

Building Perfect Council Websites

Webcredible will be hosting a roundtable discussion at SOCITM's Building Perfect Council Websites 2010. The event is the annual meeting for all local authority web professionals to meet-up to get the latest updates on creating easy to use, compelling and engaging websites. Come and see us on Wednesday 14th July or email .

Community Games Project at Give & Gain Day

Webcredible is pleased to be participating in the Community Games Project at Give & Gain Day, the UK's largest day of action for employee volunteers. Managed by Business in the Community, Give & Gain Day mobilises employees to volunteer their expertise and time during work hours.

Feature article: Working your tone of voice online

Our feature article this month highlights how applying a distinctive and consistent tone of voice to your online communications has many benefits - so long as you make sure that voice doesn't get in the way of web writing essentials such as usability, accessibility and SEO. Sticky Content's Dan Fielder, who developed our new advanced web writing course, looks at how to work a tone of voice online.

Read this article in full

Blog highlights in June

Our most popular blog posts last month included:

  • Visualisations in action

    I am obsessed with visualisations. I try to be an advocate of how they are literally worth a thousand words (or more), and should be used wisely. People refer to them as data graphics, data visualisations, information visualisations...

  • ITV - it's all to play for

    I heard on the radio that historically England performs better when their games are broadcast on BBC television and not ITV. So it was with great relief that I settled down to watch the match on BBC Television yesterday...

  • Guest blog - Speech recognition: dispelling the myths

    Children can't use it. The reason given for this is that their voices are too high! This is rubbish and I started using speech recognition when I was 9. The technology has developed a lot so it should be even easier now...

Our other blog posts were:

New articles in June

Designing visualisations - Applying user-centered guidelines

Visualisations are created by translating data of any form into pictures. Find out exactly how you can provide fancy-looking visualisations that are actually usable and useful to your users.

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Useful program: W3C Link Checker

The W3C Link Checker is a nifty program that allows you to quickly check for broken links on any web page.

Check out this useful program

Top link: World Cup usability report

Our latest report, 'World Cup Websites: All to Play For', examines the usability of 5 key World Cup websites including FIFA, the BBC, Sky, ITV and Eurosport.

Check out this useful link

Usability, focus group & training facilities hire

Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities are available for hire! From our London-based offices, we can provide:

  • Usability lab hire
  • Focus group & market research facilities
  • Training facilities & room hire

Find out more about hiring our facilities

Training courses

Come on one of our training courses and become a web guru! Our 18 courses are run across 5 training streams:

Training courses are held every 2 weeks in London and are fantastic - small class sizes, highly interactive and taught by experts.

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