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Newsletter issue #87 - 1st June 2011

Welcome to the June 2011 edition of the Webcredible Newsletter.

Amongst the whirlwind of bank holidays and events, May has been a really exciting month. Internet World was a great success, our consultants have been busy in the creative community attending DesignJam and GameCamp, and we have signed the lease on our new office near London Bridge! (We'll keep you posted on the progress)

Read on for a round up of our current projects, blog, articles and useful links.

This month is Marketing Week Live! We will be sharing some key insight into how user experience can drive customer loyalty in the Marketing Week Live Village arena on Thursday 30th June at 3pm.

In this issue:

  • Feature article: Diary Study Guide: how to get the best results from diary study research
  • Blog highlights in: May
  • New articles in: May
  • Useful program: Hipstamatic
  • Top link: Mashable


Feature article: Diary Study Guide: how to get the best results from diary study research

A diary study is a useful tool to help learn about user behaviour as it provides a record of thoughts and actions in context. Read this guide to master the art of diary study research...

Read this article in full

Blog highlights in May

Our most popular blog posts last month included:

Time constraints - creativity help or hindrance? (DesignJam)

Recently, I was lucky to attend the third DesignJam event in the UK. The concept is simple - 50 people with an interest in UX, web design and/or development are divided into 10 groups and asked to create a design solution for a specified challenge in only one day. The challenge for this third DesignJam event was to create an application for improving the commuting experience...

Can User Centered Design help games? (GameCamp4)

As a card carrying geek, I attended GameCamp 4 over the weekend (other conferences are available). It was an 'unconference' where any attendee can put their name up on the board to do a talk/discussion if they wish. I decided to run a half hour slot called 'User Centered Design - Can it help games?'...

Web design with user experience at the top of the agenda:

Championing user experience is part of my job, but actually seeing it being done properly is quite a rare occurrence. Most interactive products and websites are built based on business needs, technological constraints, limited resources, and sometimes fuzzy objectives - which is why the launch of was a breath of fresh air to the digital community...

Our other blog posts were:

New articles in May A quick usability review has been designed with customer experience and user needs at the top of the agenda. Read this article for an initial review and further thoughts for this great website.

Read all our articles

Useful program: Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic for iPhone is an application that brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy and vintage cameras from the past.

Check out this useful program

Top link: Mashable

Mashable is a great news site to keep up to date with social and digital media, technology and web culture.

Check out this useful link

Training courses

Come on one of our training courses and become a web guru! Our 18 courses are run across 5 training streams:

Training courses are held every 2 weeks in London and are fantastic - small class sizes, highly interactive and taught by experts.

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