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Information architecture

Page layouts, user journeys and site maps, all based around the needs of your users

Why do we do information architecture? 

Information architecture (IA) delivers:

  • Robust and effective content strategies, page and navigation design, information structures and categorisation
  • Intuitive and user-centred site maps, wireframes, user journeys and navigation structures
  • The foundations for digital platforms to have the best possible experience with increased task completion, improved conversion rates and maximised customer loyalty

What does IA involve?

Our approach typically spans a number of stages:

  1. We'll meet with and interview key stakeholders to start building a customer experience strategy based on a thorough understanding of your business needs

  2. Next, we usually conduct highly focused user research, including card sorting, to give us and you a complete understanding of customer needs, goals and behaviours

  3. We'll produce a site map and page titles based around how your users think (and not how your organisation is structured)

  4. Based on both your customer needs and your business goals, we'll sketch out a navigation scheme so that customers can move around the site's information architecture quickly and effectively

  5. Next, we'll craft wireframes, the blueprints of the page designs that contain all the major elements of a real page without any visual design

  6. Finally, we'll convert the wireframes into a working prototype and carry out usability testing on the prototype

Information architecture (IA) in action

When is the best time to do it?

After we've conducted user research and created initial design sketches, we'll work on the information architecture.

The IA informs the content strategy, as well as helping to organise and decide on page structures, hierarchies and user interactions.

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