Sophisticated testing tool to pinpoint exactly where users look on a screen and for how long

Why do we do eye tracking?

Eye tracking delivers:

  • Recommendations on the very best way to design, lay out and position key page items and help choose the most effective design from a selection of concepts
  • Results showing how quickly and for how long your customers notice features, key content, adverts and branding
  • Heatmaps displaying where participants looked and for how long - the 'hotter' the area the more it was noticed and looked at by users

What does eye tracking involve?

We typically carry out eye tracking in our purpose-built research facilities:

  1. First, we work with you to define the objectives for the eye tracking, and your target audiences for the study

  2. We then run the eye tracking study in our purpose-built labs, where you can watch the special technology at work

  3. We use advanced eye tracking technology, so it's totally non-obtrusive for participants - it takes just a few seconds for the cameras to pinpoint the gaze

  4. We analyse the eye tracking data and prepare a report summarising the key findings and recommendations

Eye tracking heatmap

When is the best time to do it?

Eye tracking is great for testing in the final design stages. It helps us objectively choose the highest performing visual designs in line with what you want customers to do.

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  • Macmillan Cancer Support

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  • Heathrow Express

    Multichannel service design ensures optimal customer experience

  • KPMG

    Large-scale user experience strategy and design unifies suite of tax applications

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