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Focus group research

Real-time crowd sourcing

Focus groups are facilitated sessions with a number of individuals from your target audiences brought together to discuss specific elements of your digital offering and customer experience.

We deliver focus groups that give great insights into the needs and attitudes of your customers.

Deliverables from focus groups

Webcredible's experienced moderators will ensure the conversation remains focused on finding out the information most relevant to achieving your business goals. Focus groups deliver:

  • Invaluable results, findings and insights into the way your customers think
  • Data that feeds directly into future digital customer experience design and strategy decision-making
  • Insight into how your target market perceives your brand, digital touchpoints and offerings
  • The information customers want (and don't want) from your digital platforms
  • Evidence for how people react to a particular interface or design as well as feedback on new ideas and concepts for your digital platforms

Success stories

Our work consistently helps our clients meet and exceed their targets. Some of our success stories include:

  • 36% increase in made-to-order online revenues for Laura Ashley
  • 50% reduction in mobile homepage drop-offs for Macmillan Cancer Support
  • 44% conversion improvement and a 168% uplift in leads for Propertywide
  • 80% increase in hotel 'look-to-book' conversions for Thomson

Our methodology

  1. First, we'll work very closely with you to thoroughly plan for the focus groups. We'll precisely define the research objectives, scenarios and who we're going to recruit for the research.
  2. Next we'll recruit participants typical of your target audiences and work with specialist recruiters that can find us any type of person for the focus groups, no matter how obscure your target market is.
  3. The focus groups are all led by a highly experienced Webcredible moderator and involve people from your target market discussing a range of topics. People are able to build on each other's responses and come up with more ideas than they would in a 1-on-1 session.
  4. The focus groups usually take place in our purpose-built meeting room, complete with microphones and cameras. There's a viewing room next door with a large one-way mirror between the two rooms so you can watch the focus groups live.

The big picture

Focus groups deliver a useful level of insight, which can be analysed with further user research to create a successful customer experience strategy. Findings from focus groups - especially blue sky thinking - also feed into the user experience design phase, where we plan and design your digital platforms the way they should be.

Contact us

Get in touch with us on 020 7423 6320 or e-mail to discuss your focus group research needs and requirements.

Case studies

Our success stories

  • UCAS

    UCAS's Track portal is award-winning, achieving a 95%+ satisfaction rating across its 750,000 users

  • gained a much stronger competitive advantage due to a great mobile & tablet strategy

  • Pearson Education

    Pearson Education has embedded user-centred design into all their digital design processes

More case studies

About us

We're a user experience agency (UX agency) that creates people-centred, efficient and delightful digital experiences.

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