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User testing

Accurate user results every time

User testing (or usability testing) involves watching and analysing your typical customers use and interact with your digital touchpoints, including websites, smartphones, tablets & applications.

On average, we run user testing every working day of the year (usually in our purpose-built labs), and our expert user testing consultants ensure professional and accurate results.

Deliverables from user testing

Webcredible is one of the UK's leading user experience agencies and we've conducted 100s of user testing projects over the years. Our user testing moderators are expertly trained ensuring 100% accurate results and recommendations.

Our user testing deliverables are highly tangible and recommendation-driven, ensuring our clients gain measurable improvements, with outputs that include:

  • Robust, detailed and prioritised recommendations for platform improvements, often providing a range of different options and creating mock-ups to demonstrate the solution
  • An action plan for implementing changes around your precise needs
  • Live viewing of user testing that can unify internal teams (you can't argue with what your customers do!) and provides you with incredible insights into customer needs
  • Increased user experience knowledge because knowledge sharing is at the core of everything we do. Through a close, collaborative approach we make sure that you learn as much as you can from our expertise throughout the user testing process
  • Videos of user testing sessions so you can watch full sessions videos of the user testing and highlight clips

Success stories

Our work consistently helps our clients meet and exceed their targets. Some of our success stories include:

  • 36% increase in made-to-order online revenues for Laura Ashley
  • 50% reduction in mobile homepage drop-offs for Macmillan Cancer Support
  • 44% conversion improvement and a 168% uplift in leads for Propertywide
  • 80% increase in hotel 'look-to-book' conversions for Thomson

Our methodology

  1. First, we work very closely with you to thoroughly plan the user testing sessions around your business objectives. We precisely define the research objectives, scenarios and who we're going to recruit for the user testing.
  2. Next we recruit participants typical of your target audiences and work with specialist recruiters that can find us any type of person for the user testing, no matter how obscure your target market is.
  3. We facilitate the 1-on-1 user testing sessions, with participants always thinking aloud. Our moderators are expertly trained to ask questions and elicit thoughts in a non-biased and neutral manner.
  4. We review all the findings immediately after the user testing sessions, discussing all the issues and brainstorming a large number of possible solutions.
  5. Finally, we deliver a report, presentation and workshop, with all deliverables being highly recommendation-driven, easy-to-understand and tangible. How we report back to you depends on what we're testing and your requirements.

Our user testing labs

The user testing usually takes place in one of our purpose-built usability labs, complete with microphones, cameras and eye tracking. We capture what users are doing on-screen together with audio commentary and a video of them. We strongly advise you watch the user testing live - it's truly an eye-opening experience.

We also have a mobile usability lab allowing us to run user testing sessions anywhere in the UK and the world, with live viewing always available.

The big picture

User testing with Webcredible gives you solid, reliable evidence about your customer and user needs, and their precise behaviour when using your digital channels. User testing goes hand-in-hand with user experience design to take your customer experience strategy and user research and ensure a highly optimised experience is implemented.

Contact us

Get in touch with us on 020 7423 6320 or e-mail to discuss your user testing needs and requirements.

Case studies

Our success stories

  • UCAS

    UCAS's Track portal is award-winning, achieving a 95%+ satisfaction rating across its 750,000 users

  • gained a much stronger competitive advantage due to a great mobile & tablet strategy

  • Pearson Education

    Pearson Education has embedded user-centred design into all their digital design processes

More case studies

About us

We're a user experience agency (UX agency) that creates people-centred, efficient and delightful digital experiences.

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