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Accessibility evaluation

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An accessibility evaluation is a review of how well your digital products support the needs of disabled web users, carried out by one of our highly skilled consultants.

It delivers a great set of insights into accessibility issues and solutions to improve your customer satisfaction.

Deliverables from accessibility evaluation

Webcredible is one of the UK's leading accessibility agencies and we've conducted 100s of accessibility projects over the years. Our consultants are expertly trained ensuring 100% accurate results and recommendations. Deliverables from an accessibility evaluation include:

  • Specific recommendations for increasing the accessibility of your digital platforms, as well as a thorough analysis of your website's accessibility strengths and weaknesses
  • Explicit explanations of how to make your websites compliant with the UK Equality Act (formerly the DDA) and up to and beyond AA-compliant with the W3C guidelines
  • A web accessibility evaluation report with clear recommendations for how to remedy your site and improve its accessibility. Recommendations are defined as high, medium and low priority, as appropriate
  • Increased accessibility knowledge because knowledge sharing is at the core of everything we do. Through a close, collaborative approach we make sure that you learn as much as you can from our expertise throughout the accessibility testing process

Accessibility is a multi-disciplinary topic and is essentially a mixture of both user and technical requirements. Webcredible is one of the very few agencies in the UK that specialises in both - in addition to our accessibility consulting services we provide both usability and design & development services.

Our methodology

The expert accessibility evaluation is carried out by Webcredible's highly skilled in-house accessibility specialists. Although we do refer to the W3C guidelines in the accessibility evaluation, we will not be performing a 'box-ticking' exercise - rather we test for 'real-world' accessibility, evaluating what real disabled users would actually do on your site.

The accessibility evaluation follows a robust process:

  1. First, our experts perform a number of checks to get a good grasp of the level of accessibility on your site and important changes that are required. We don't use automated testing tools as they're unable to check for most accessibility issues, and the checks they do perform are generally inadequate.
  2. In addition to the large number of human checks, a number of programs are utilised inluding JAWS screen reader, ZoomText screen magnifier, colour blind analyser, HTML validator etc.
  3. After you (or we) have implemented the changes from the web accessibility evaluation, we'll run an accessibility health check on your website. This is to ensure that our recommendations have been properly implemented and usually takes place 3-6 months after the initial web accessibility evaluation.
  4. Webcredible can then continue to provide an accessibility health check of your website every six months, as part of an on-going accessibility evaluation.

The web accessibility evaluation can be carried out in conjunction with our accessibility testing service, whereby we recruit a range of disabled web users and have them complete common tasks on your website.

We test against best practice guidelines as set down by the W3C, and our own unique in-house research. The tests we carry out cover all disabled groups, such as blind, partially sighted, deaf, learning difficulties, the elderly, dyslexic and motor impaired users.

The big picture

Accessibility is an important aspect of your customer experience strategy as it ensures that your digital platforms are suitable for all customers. Accessibility is an iterative process so it's crucial that your site continues to maintain high standards of accessibility over time as it changes and grows.

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Case studies

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  • UCAS

    UCAS's Track portal is award-winning, achieving a 95%+ satisfaction rating across its 750,000 users

  • gained a much stronger competitive advantage due to a great mobile & tablet strategy

  • Pearson Education

    Pearson Education has embedded user-centred design into all their digital design processes

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