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Usability testing training

Expert-led training courses

Usability testing helps to optimise your digital communications by watching and analysing your typical customers use and interact with them.

This 1 day course makes sure you know how, when and why usability testing is important, and how to prepare and run testing sessions.


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Usability testing training dates in 2015

What you'll learn on the usability testing course

Our hands-on usability testing training is fantastic - small class sizes, highly interactive and taught by experts. During the course you will:

  • Find out why usability testing is important and discuss how it fits into the user-centred design process
  • Learn how to plan a usability test: identifying your research objectives, users and session structuring
  • Discuss participant recruitment and learn how to set up recruitment specifications
  • Review the practicalities of running a usability test: what to do during a session
  • Learn how to analyse the data collected and to report your findings

UX training programme

The usability testing training is part of our user experience training programme of 16 courses - get a 10% or 20% discount when you book on any 2 or 3+ different courses respectively.

Usability testing course duration & details

The course lasts for 1 day (10:00-17:00) and takes place at our purpose-built training centre at the Webcredible offices in London. You will:

  • Get very well fed whilst you're here - we provide light breakfast snacks, a buffet-style lunch with hot & cold canapés and refreshments throughout the day
  • Attend a relatively small (maximum 10 participants) usability testing course that's interactive, informal and fun

Topics covered include:


  • What does usability mean?
  • How would you define usability?
  • Effectiveness, efficiency & satisfaction
  • Rating usability issues - severity ratings
  • What is usability testing?
  • Why usability testing is important
  • Basic user-centred design process
  • Planning a usability test
  • Identifying your research objectives
  • Who are your users?
  • Structuring the test sessions
  • Participant recruitment
  • Setting up a usability test
  • Checklist - Preparing for the day
  • Facilities management


  • Support materials
  • Recording software
  • Run a pilot
  • Running a usability test
  • What to do during a session
  • Analysing the data
  • Reporting
  • Common Industry Format (CIF)
  • Sample finding report
  • Sample recommendation
  • Special considerations
  • Testing in foreign countries/languages
  • Testing with children
  • How to sell user experience (UX)
  • User experience resources

Book your place now on to our usability testing training course and find out how to plan, facilitate and analyse your own usability tests.

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Who is the usability testing course for?

This course is particularly suitable if you are:

  • Working as a product manager, digital marketing professional or webmaster and you want to engage in a more user-centred approach to research
  • Looking to plan and run your own usability testing studies
  • Looking to understand user behaviour and how your users interact with your digital product

Support after your usability testing training

Our online Webcredible training community on LinkedIn provides on-going support after the course. We invite you to join the Alumni group in order to:

  • Interact directly with our e-learning community, expert trainers and fellow students
  • Get regular updates, tips and engage with us on our live chats and webinars
  • Join in with discussions or ask questions to help you progress your learning once you're back in your working environment

Our usability testing trainer

The usability testing training course is usually run by:

Hua Zhang (Senior Experience Consultant)

Hua is a user experience researcher and designer who helps make her clients' web services and digital interfaces better. Beijing-born Hua has worked in UX in both Britain and China and her broad background in digital start-ups means she's used to using her UX skills to solve real-world problems and create design solutions that make a difference.

Our training facilities

Our usability testing courses are all run at our purpose-built training centre at the Webcredible offices in London.

All our training is run in a bright airy room with each person having access to a PC. You can also use our break-out area, with refreshments provided throughout the day.

Previous training participants

We've trained over 10,000 individuals across 2000 organisations, including:

The usability testing course was delivered at a comfortable pace and in a group small enough to benefit all levels of experience. Thanks for a very enjoyable course!

Web manager,

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