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Alex Baxevanis

Experience Director

Alex acts as an ambassador for our clients and for the project teams he helps to assemble. Not that these two parties find it hard to talk to each other at Webcredible – it’s just that Alex is on hand to represent both sides. He can defend a client’s business interests while making sure everyone understands how and why we work the way we do.

Advocating the value of good design is Alex’s main diplomatic mission, however. He speaks out for design that values user needs as much as how things look, and that is also technically reasonable for that business. He wants everyone to find the sweet spot in the middle of this UX design triangle.

Two of Alex’s personal passions – bikes and building apps (often apps about bikes) – keep him hunting for new uses for technology. Participants in his Innovation & product development and UX fundamentals training benefit from this curiosity, and from Alex’s enthusiasm for asking ‘Why?’.


Alex on the web

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We won’t just pitch you loads of random stuff just because we think it’s cool. We’ll pitch you reasonable things that are technically achievable.

Alex has been busy recently...

  • UCAS

    Redesign of UCAS Track delivers 95% satisfaction rating

  • Charities Aid Foundation

    End-to-end redesign of white label donation service leads to large increase in donations

  • Dulux

    Multi-award winning augmented reality app helps sales increase by 65%

  • KPMG

    Large-scale user experience strategy and design unifies suite of tax applications

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