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Alex Baxevanis

Experience Director

I'm a designer and technologist who creates impactful work. I get excited about what modern technologies can do and want to harness them to achieve customer and business goals.

At Webcredible I lead & inspire my fellow designers and clients as they work together to create incredible experiences.

Recent successes include helping a global asset management company tell stories through visualising complex data; turning retirement planning from boring form-filling into a fluid chatbot conversation; and strategically guiding the creation of an award-winning global AR app.

I've previously worked in corporate innovation labs, discovering how to put technologies like image recognition and audio processing to good use (now at the core of every consumer device).



Alex on the web

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We won’t just pitch you loads of random stuff just because we think it’s cool. We’ll pitch you reasonable things that are technically achievable.

Alex has been busy recently...

  • UCAS

    Redesign of UCAS Track delivers 95% satisfaction rating

  • Charities Aid Foundation

    End-to-end redesign of white label donation service leads to large increase in donations

  • Dulux

    Multi-award winning augmented reality app helps sales increase by 65%

  • KPMG

    Large-scale user experience strategy and design unifies suite of tax applications

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