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Daniel Fickling

UX/UI Designer

I design thoughtful digital solutions for real humans, built on insights.

Working in that murky sliver, where human and business needs intersect is where I really love to be; understanding how people think, and designing solutions that they love.

I spend a lot of my time working with the good people at Virgin Trains, leading continuous improvements to their digital customer experience. Trains are complicated, so spending all that time thinking rail, I'm able to provide real insight, which means better customer satisfaction and sales.

I also lead a re-alignment of Brompton's website, pushing it to work harder to show off their (actually) amazing bikes, while making it simpler for people to navigate and make a decision.

I've previously worked a lot in the publishing industry, guiding and leading the design of multiple websites and completely re-imaging digital subscriptions for New Zealand's largest independent publishing company.


Daniel on the web


I believe great work comes from an alignment of business goals and human needs; where value is created for both end users and business.

Daniel's been busy recently...

  • Brompton

    User-centred website redesign drives international growth for iconic brand

  • VoucherCodes

    User experience transformation embeds user-centred practices into design process

  • Virgin Trains

    Ongoing partnership leads to countless conversions in the purchasing funnel

  • Age UK

    Digital transformation so Age UK can keep helping millions of older people love later life

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