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Kerry Smith

Executive Assistant & Business Services

Kerry can't wait to find out what everybody at Webcredible is so excited about. A blog about what it's like to work here – it described an open, trusting, friendly environment - first got her attention. But it was the chance to explore a new skill, UX, that drew her in.

She's intrigued to find out how UX works in practice. Although she's still new to user experience, Kerry is an old hand at customer relations. She's got a clear idea of what can go wrong, and right, between organisations and their customers.

Kerry is speed-learning now while she organises Webcredible's founder/CEO Trenton and MD Zoe, freeing up their time for other things. Kerry's also coordinating activities in Webcredible's training academy, conveniently giving her an inside track on all the UX lessons she could want.


Kerry on the web


There’s a sense of the trust here when you walk in the door. It’s embedded pretty deeply. They just trust you to get on with it.

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