3 great usability features from September

by Alex Anderson on 21 September 2012

1. Console typing

The company behind cult games Half Life and Portal, Valve, has announced its next project, 'Big Picture'. Big picture aims to bring PC gaming via their platform 'steam' to TV's. This is great news for gamers but what interested me was their innovative take on console typing.

2. Link preview

Google Chrome on the Jelly Bean version of Android has a neat little feature called "link preview".  When you touch a webpage which has a lot of links a new, magnified window opens on top of the links to make selecting the right link easier.

3. Attachment reminder

A favorite blog of mine recently brought this feature to my attention. MS Outlook will 'read' your email and if you mentioned attachments but forgot to actually attach anything it will bring this to your attention with a subtle, helpful reminder.

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