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TWOA - The World of Acronyms

25 Oct 2012

Having immersed myself in the wonderful world of acronyms for a…

Apps vs mobile web - what should you develop

06 Jul 2012

The mobile and smartphone markets in the UK are huge, as they are…

Automated services: One-size-fits-all frustrates many

10 Feb 2012

On a recent trip out of Victoria Station in the morning rush hour to…

Eurogamer Expo 2011 - summary of our top finds!

06 Oct 2011

So Eurogamer Expo has come to a close. Another year, another great…

Mobile survey results! Is the 55+ market satisfied?

20 Sep 2011

The results are in! Kicked off in my last post 'What about the 55+…

Can the use of different colours help usability?

18 Jul 2011

As mentioned in previous blogs, my dyslexia/dyspraxia means the only…

Bibliographies and reams of electronic photocopies

08 Mar 2011

In a previous blog I wrote about the pros and cons of the…

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