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8 things I've learned from 8 years of user testing

06 Apr 2017

User testing delivers many insights that inform optimisation, product…

Guerrilla testing - practical tips

26 May 2016

It's always valuable to test your designs with users. Guerrilla…

Jobs to be done - a better way to innovate

19 May 2016

Personas, while useful, carry with them a number of flaws. What if we…

How to learn about your customers through social media

03 May 2016

You wouldn't normally think of Facebook and Twitter as a potential…

UX research: 'Faster horses' are all you need

21 Jul 2015

Last year ago I posted a Nielsen article, UX without user research…

User Research: Behind the scenes at Brompton

28 Apr 2015

I'm very excited to announce that after 6 months hard work…

Designing point-of-sale (POS) systems

09 Feb 2015

Point-of-sale user experience (or POSUX to combine the 2 acronyms) can…

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