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CSS in 2016

30 Nov 2015

In 2016, CSS will reach a milestone: it will have been 20 years since…

Why a CSS website layout will make you money

01 Mar 2015

Changing your website from a table layout to a CSS layout will make…

Will we see .apple or .iCloud?

16 Jan 2012

The door is now ajar for another new step forward for the world of the…

End of IE6 - Web developers around the world rejoice!

11 Jan 2012

From January 1st 2012, Microsoft started to phase out Internet…

Axure tips & tricks

27 Apr 2011

After teaching our Axure training course for the last couple of months…

Internet Explorer 9 and CSS3

15 Mar 2011

Whilst working on some new articles for the website I’ve been really…

To 'live' or not to 'live'?

09 Mar 2011

My colleague Paul and I have been discussing a feature of the jQuery…

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