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by Alistair Gray on 22 June 2011

Last year I wrote a blog post about the potential future rise of augmented reality and games… Well it turns out I may not have been sticking my neck out as far as I first thought. It was all in production.

Rory Cellan-Jones was playing around with an augmented reality app to add value to (currently) adverts and (potentially) content in a newspaper.

Hover [your phone] over the masthead of The Times or The Sun or the Daily Telegraph – and the words start to jump around, before merging into some video

The BBC also ran a feature article to showcase some of the potential business benefits for augmented reality. Ones that looked particularly useful were the interactive instruction manual and the ‘here’s what you could buy’ pre-view of products in a shop.

Nestle have obviously seen the potential benefit – offering alternate reality games with their cereal. For the first time people have the opportunity of having Rio (the animated bird from the film) perch on their wrists. I hope it’s proved popular.

Another potential great step is the release of the Wii U. Officially announced at E3 it boasts an inbuilt camera, motion tracking and a link to a machine with large amounts of processing grunt.

The Wii U may, in conjunction with smartphones, enable a much greater audience to play with augmented reality than would have considered it previously. With greater audience adoption a trend will emerge with people wanting more, and companies looking to push it further.

This is all very promising. Bring on the games :)

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