Augmented reality games and mobiles

by Alistair Gray on 10 December 2010

My attention has recently been drawn to this video of an entertaining looking augmented reality video game, using a mobile phone, a ‘game board’ and some ‘Skittles’ (other candies are available). For those wondering augmented reality is the addition of computer generated imagery over a real world view to give you an ‘augmented’ view of the world.

The game controls look like a lot of fun, even if the gameplay itself isn’t very deep.

Some interesting quotes from the video:

This isn’t a game to be played sitting down – It’s meant to be dynamic

With motion controls soon to be out on the 3 major consoles, it’s clear that getting game players off the couch is a big aim over Christmas and beyond. This is a great alternative to shelling out a large sum of money for a console. Who needs top of the range motion tracking when you can wave a camera around? With the growth in popularity of smartphones developers have a huge potential market to develop augmented reality games for.

Camera controls that would typically require a mouse and keyboard are handled by simply moving the device … It’s a new experience, that our users have picked up quickly

Controlling the camera is often a real issue for non-game players. This game gets over this problem by simply using a 1-to-1 mapping of the camera with the phone, removing a big barrier to many potential players. Will augmented reality get more people gaming?

Augmented reality has started to appear already. Various apps can, for example show you the nearest tube. But I’m looking for enjoyment, for fun.

I’m really looking forward to augmented reality board games. In fact, more have started to appear on YouTube, maybe they’ll appear quicker than I thought. There’s also potential building much deeper, interactive games directly into the real world (see ‘Conspiracy for Good‘ by Tim King, of Heroes fame).

What do you think? – Will augmented reality take off? Does anyone have any ideas for augmented reality games using a phone?

Picture credit: turkletom via Flickr / Creative Commons

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