BA holds its no.1 position

by Claire Savage on 8 June 2010

BA continues to hold 1st place in terms of online usability for users according to our latest online travel report, Flights Online: Ensuring Your Site Takes Off. Just as well as 2010 could be said to be its Annus horribilis to date. First the snow, then volcanic ash followed by a number of strikes, at least BA are making it easy for the user to purchase flights online if not following through with the service by actually having it’s airlines fly.

In a competitive market which is more and more feeling the influence of uncontrollable outside effects, making it easy for someone to find and purchase travel has never been so important. Now, when users are sitting at home booking a flight or holiday many other considerations are going to come into play, so keeping a potential customer is crucial.

So why do the average scores in our annual travel report still leave plenty of room for improvement? Although the average usability score has increased from 56.7% to 64.4% since last year, basic guidelines that still need improvement include the following:

  • Supporting comparison shoppers
  • Making pages ‘share-friendly’
  • Providing airport information
  • Displaying clear progress bars
  • Providing contact numbers during the booking process

So perhaps for those companies with lower scores this is their time to capitalise at BA’s expense and improve their user experience.

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