Be's new IE6-unfriendly launch

by Frankie Pagnacco on 24 July 2009
I spotted this at the bottom of an email newsletter telling me about the launch of Be's new look website:
P.S. We've not designed this to work fantastically in IE6 because it's really old and, well, we're all about the future. So, if you're on IE6 please upgrade to IE7 or IE8 or even Firefox. Sorry if you're stuck with IE6.
Am I alone in thinking that's just not good enough? For one, statistics for June 09 show that nearly 15% of internet users are on IE6. IE7 users account for 19%, which is only 4 more than IE6. Point made right there. For two, the rate of fall in IE6 use has been very slow and steady since the beginning of time suggesting it is a reliable and loved browser. On the other hand IE7 users have been happy to jump ship to IE8 (not something that happened when IE7 turned up). I was about to launch into statistics freefall but I got bored just thinking about it. But the real point is that the 'hey-ho', jolly, pally tone of this PS suggests a lazy attitude to engagement on a persuasion and emotion level. Be has not considered the needs of its entire user base. It's admitted to this fact in a PS, with scant apology and no regard for facts and figures. It has potentially made 15% of its current and future customers feel like they use substandard services and have insisted they upgrade (which even though it's free is a big ask). So when I checked out this new look website on 'even Firefox' I was faced with an invalid certificate alert. But that's a whole other story. One to do with trust. A big thumbs down for and from the user. PS. I can't fault their internet provision though; fast and reliable for 2 years without interruption.

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