Book review: How to Grow Your Business by Alex Blyth

by Trenton Moss on 28 September 2009

I recently received a copy of How to Grow Your Business: For Entrepreneurs by Alex Blyth so decided to share my thoughts on it for all other small business owners out there. The book featured a case study of Webcredible about how we used online marketing and SEO to establish the company in the early days, so I got sent a copy in the post.

As a small business owner, I have to say the book was pretty good and had some solid advice. The first few chapters basically just had a go at me about not letting go and learning to delegate more – words I think that every small business owner needs to hear as often as possible!

After this, the book went on to offer lots of useful advice on growing your business, with a particular focus on the range of sales & marketing options available. There’s nothing in here that’s rocket science – it’s all common sense and a lot of the stuff in here is pretty well known. That said, I did learn quite a few new things and it’s always good to be reminded of things you kind-of-already-know but have forgotten about.

So all-in-all, a good book and if you’re looking to grow your business then I can certainly think of worse ways to spend 10 pounds!

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