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by Jo Higgs on 7 December 2015

I was sat on a train on my way to work, in a job which I didn't hate but really wasn't going anywhere, when I got a message on LinkedIn. It was from Trenton Moss (my now boss and CEO & Founder of Webcredible). I get a fair number of messages about vague opportunities so my usual reaction is to ignore them, but there was something about the informal way the message was worded that made me read on and ultimately reply.

I went to meet Trenton, and came in to see he was sat in a meeting room with his foot on a chair, as he had damaged his ankle playing squash. I was instantly at ease and we had a relaxed chat for an hour about the company, the job, and all manner of other subjects.

There was a moment, looking back that I feel was a turning point in our conversation; we started to talk about a certain element of the job which I flagged as something that I had minimal experience in. His response was encouraging: "well where is the fun in taking a job where you've done it all before? If you need support in that area we'll help you." While I had entered the building open-minded but not really concerned one way or the other, I left thinking 'I really need to work here.'

To cut a long story short, I now do! As Operations & Talent Manager at Webcredible, it's now my job to seek out and recruit the very best UX talent in the industry to add to the already amazing set of people we have.

His response was encouraging: "well where is the fun in taking a job where you've done it all before? If you need support in that area, we'll help you."

When I interview people (and I use that term in the loosest possible way... it's really just a coffee and a chat) I often get asked the same question: why should I work for Webcredible? After all, the job market for UX is continuously expanding, with not just digital agencies, but also regular businesses seeking to build up their in-house teams. Here is what I tell our candidates:

Collaborative culture

We have an amazing collaborative culture. People throw the word 'collaborative' around a lot, but we aim to deliver it not only within our projects but outside of them too. We have open sessions where people get together to seek the input of their fellow colleagues about the work their doing, or a problem they are trying to solve and we get together and chat about it. There are usually doughnuts which helps!


Our culture is also one of trust, you really are a master of your own destiny. As long as you are doing great work, we won't sit on your shoulder and watch over you while you do it. We work from home when there are no meetings scheduled, we work flexible hours and most importantly we work autonomously. That's not to say that you're unsupported, but that you have the freedom to work in the way that suits you. One of the first things that Trenton said to me when I started was 'I give you permission to fail'. It takes some getting used to, but it's really something that runs through the heart of the company. Go out, be curious, try new things and if it doesn't work, never mind – we tried it!

Additionally, we have unlimited holiday at Webcredible (yes that's right, unlimited and yes, paid). We give you the autonomy to manage your own time.

Learning and development

You can probably tell from our Training Academy that learning is also a big thing here at Webcredible. We understand that people have different skills, and that there will be areas where you're amazing and areas where you're less experienced or confident. Our development plans work on identifying the latter and supporting you by putting plans together to help you improve. Our own training courses serve as an amazing resource and it's available to new joiners from day one: we'll encourage you to sit on as many as possible.

Webcredible also supports employees with external training: in my case, Trenton was true to his word, and I'm currently studying for my qualifications which are funded and supported by Webcredible.

Work-life balance and benefits

I'm sure plenty of UXers have worked in jobs where early mornings and late nights are a given. That's not the case here at Webcredible. We work very hard to achieve a good work life balance for our people and on the whole, we're pretty good at it. Of course there are times when we're up against a deadline and you might find a few people buried in post-it-notes and empty pizza boxes but it's the exception and not the rule!

We also have some great benefits, besides unlimited holiday we also have:

  • Pension scheme
  • Cycle scheme
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Staff lunches
  • A well-stocked kitchen
  • An annual four day retreat for all staff
  • Dedicated development fund
  • Personal well-being fund - we give you money to spend on something that you feel improves your well-being
  • WMIF (We Made It! Fund - we're aware it's not a very catchy acronym) - money for you to spend with your project team at the end of a project.

All of this helps to make Webcredible an amazing place to work, but perhaps the most important reason to check us out is that it's fun! The people are great and while we work hard for our clients, we also have a good time doing it. So if you see my name pop into your inbox to see if you fancy a coffee and a chat, come down and see it all for yourself!

Jo Higgs works as Webcredible's Operations & Talent Manager. Check out our latest job opportunities here.

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