Design the box... And how we evolved our Training Academy

by Nirish Shakya on 28 July 2015

If you want to be creative, move away from your desk. Go for a walk, just like Beethoven did. At Webcredible, we're always experimenting with different techniques to foster creativity. A lot of the ideas we've implemented for the Webcredible Training Academy have come out of the ideation-through-play workshops we ran with trainers, one of which was a Design the Box game. The objective is to create a physical box to sell your ideas. We posed the question "How would you sell the Webcredible Training Academy if it was sold in a box?"

We had 10 participants divided into 3 teams. The materials you need to get going include cereal boxes, pens, sharpies, A4 sheets of paper of different colours, post-its and basic art and craft supplies (e.g. pipe cleaners, ribbons, glue, sticky tape, stickers, rubber bands etc.).

The game was divided into three phases: filling the box, making the box and selling the box.

Phase 1: Fill the box (10 mins)

Before making the box, the teams spent some time discussing what's inside the box, what was important to convey the vision and what made their ideas different or special. Some of the questions we tried to answer were:

  • What is the value proposition?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What made it different to similar offerings from competitors?

Team 'MindCredible' discussing initial concepts

Phase 2: Make the box (30 mins)

This was the fun bit - building the physical box. We used the following prompts to help the teams get started:

  • What’s it called?
  • Who’s it for?
  • What is its tagline or slogan?
  • What are its most compelling features? Benefits?
  • What imagery would make it stand out to you?

The teams scurried to gather the right materials for their box. Having physical objects to touch and play with helped teams think beyond digital. The very act of building a physical product got them working together, each member contributing to the box in their own unique ways.

Alex Baxevanis, one of our most experienced trainers wrote a little story to go on the side of the box. It was about his own UX journey, the challenges he faced and how we learned the skills he needed along the way.

Team ‘Conquer!’ building the box

Phase 3: Sell the box (2 mins per team)

Each team pitched their box back to the group for 2 minutes. We listed all the ideas from three teams on a whiteboard as they presented.

After all the teams finished presenting, each participant voted on the ideas by placing dot stickers next to their favourite ideas on the whiteboard - 3 stickers per participant. Team 'Digital Superstars Bootcamp' the clear winners with 17 votes!

So which ideas turned into reality?

Team ‘Conquer’ selling their box: Conquer your UX fears! Climb the digital mountain.

Training journey map

One of the teams created a physical parallax scroll to show the personal and professional development journey that a training participant would take, an idea aptly named ‘ Climb the UX mountain'.

That idea helped us develop a training journey map which grouped the courses into the relevant steps of a product design and development process. We further iterated the design through card sorting with internal staff and training participants who sorted the courses into groups that they found logical.

Modular course format

Another popular idea that came out was splitting the courses into smaller courses. We used the idea to break apart our courses into smaller self-sustaining 1-hour modules. These modules made the courses easier to digest for the training participants and easier to create and deliver for trainers. Also, any of the modules could be taught as a smaller workshop.


At Webcredible, we're always experimenting with ideation through play to get the creative juices flowing. If you would like to learn how to run UX workshops that foster creativity and innovation, check out our innovation & product development course or contact us.

The 3 boxes proudly on display in the office

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