Ecommerce - optimise your conversion rates

by Trenton Moss on 18 April 2012
Last week I had the privilege of presenting at Figaro Digital - Design & User Experience Seminar. It was certainly a good event with an interesting debate on whether or not research is worthwhile (you can probably guess which side of the discussion I was on). My presentation - which you can browse through below - focused on tactical methods you can employ to optimise conversion rates so as to sell more online. The presentation is split into 3 sets of categories, outlining how you can:
  • Help users find products
  • Provide a perfect product page
  • Craft an easy checkout
All the guidelines and recommendations are based on our  research over the years on websites (mobile & desktop) that are selling online. I hope you learn something new and find something useful! You can also watch the video of me presenting it over at the Figaro website - probably worth doing if you're interested as there's not too much text in the deck below.

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