My first month working at Webcredible

by Hugo Camacho on 18 September 2015

It's now been one month since I started working at Webcredible. It's gone by fast, so I thought I would give my thoughts on the first 30 days.

The interview

As I prepared for my interview, I got nods of approval from friends in the industry; it seems that the Webcredible name traveled far and wide in the sector. A search through the company website was also encouraging, with tons of information about UX available. Reading through it rendered half of my modest existing UX library practically redundant.

Watching a job description video served as a nice ice breaker before I even set foot on the premises. When I came for the first appointment I got really excited about the office environment which shouted everything UX: post-its plastering the walls, wireframes everywhere, usability labs with one way mirrors, and candy in the meeting room. I had come to the right place.

Project work

I spent some of the first days skimming through many of the projects Webcredible has done in the past. I couldn't wait to start my first project, which included my very first lab testing sessions. I got to experience a great day and a half of user testing with a series of different people delivering the "real deal" on the usability of a website. From a designer perspective, my favourite part of working here is the UX approach of mixing real people's feedback in the design building process.

Working here

On a less formal note, a few things stood out to me from my first month. Hot desking has been a great way of breaking up the routine, and it's been a good way to meet everyone. Food is a big thing here. Not only are we just around the corner from one of the best food markets in London, but we also have a constant stream of pastries, fruits and snacks, refreshments, company lunches, and other goodies. And if I still feel peckish I can always fix something up in the fully functional kitchen. I am starting to lose hope of ever losing my pouch.

I love the location and having worked in the city for the last three years I am happy to still be around this area.

Starting here was really easy and I resonated with the culture and policies on personal development and knowledge sharing. I had a very warm welcome, and would like to thank everyone for showing me the ropes, being so nice and accessible, and of course for taking me for coffee.

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