The future of digital marketing

by Alex Anderson on 12 August 2014

The future of digital marketing is omnichannel. Now bear with me. Omnichannel is a word, a buzzword even, that has been bandied around with remarkably frequency over the last year. If you're not bored to death hearing about the supposed holy grail of marketing then bear with me. I happen to think its very important... To start, let's look at who is doing it well. Burberry Nike What else is there, future techy things: Augmented reality IoT Wearables iBeacon instore   How you can work towards getting it right...

So... remember... The trouble with market research is that..." Gather user needs with user research, because you don't want your idea to end up in the marketing graveyard... like QR CODES, net books, myspace, even Siri Omnichannel is somethng to strive toward, it's imperfect, even impractical. But achieving on some of its principles can only lead to... Our CEO also did a presentation on at a Figaro Digital event.

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