Guest blog - Disaster day

by Rhodri Buttrick on 18 January 2010

Organisation for a dyslexic can often be a major issue. I make a super effort to keep myself organised. I use an online task management system, ( which syncs with my PDA. Inevitably, however, "the best laid plans of mice and men" go completely wrong, everything falls apart and I end up in a complete mess!

My day of disasters started off early, right after breakfast. I logged in to my e-mail account to find a lovely £5 fine from the library! This was most perplexing, as the night before I had borrowed a book on a six-hour loan. It was due back in at midnight and I returned it at 9:30pm. This really made me start to doubt my sanity, did I really return the book? Or had I just had a dream about it? Unfortunately I hadn't realised this book belongs to a magical realm of the library called the 'course collection'. While I just put it in the usual return bin I had previously used when returning books. So, I rushed off to the library, and luckily upon explaining they let me off the fine. Phew!

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