Guest blog - Information overload

by Rhodri Buttrick on 12 November 2009
Since accepting my University place, I have been amazed by the amount of information that is swamping my e-mail account and pouring through my letterbox. I'm not complaining because it is great that the University is so thorough and sends us so much useful information. However, due to my difficulty with sustained reading, sorting through this information is a massive task. The information is usually sent by post and by e-mail, so I end up reading a lot of it twice. I find receiving stuff via e-mail far better as it is much easier to lose a physical envelope. As of yet my bedroom floor does not have a search box to hunt for important documents! I also find the more stuff I get sent, the less I want to read it and I end up losing or forgetting things. Most annoyingly I didn't bother to read a letter concerning buying tickets for the Freshers Ball and I think they have sold out and I will be unable to attend. Not even Cinderella had this much bother.

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