Guest blog - Opening a bank account

by Rhodri Buttrick on 28 October 2009

Previously I have spent a lot of time in my posts talking about the endless hassle caused by paperwork, particularly online forms. Recently I had to go and open a student bank account. Trudging to the bank I fully expected there to be a dumper truck waiting for me creaking under the weight of a skyscraper of forms.

Due to my dyspraxia, I am unable to handwrite legibly and was quite worried that I would have to fill in forms by hand or ask someone to do it for me, which I sometimes find slightly awkward. I was, however, pleasantly surprised. I sat down with a member of the bank staff and she asked me a few questions and filled in everything on her computer. All I had to do was sign a couple of pages and that was it! In total it only took about half an hour. It was much easier than signing up for an online banking account in the comfort of my own home.

I was also impressed that there was a field for disability and we selected the boxes for dyslexic and impaired dexterity. In theory, this means that next time I have to go to a bank, even if it is a different branch, they will know that I cannot write and will fill the forms for me without me having to go into detailed explanations.

It made such a change to actually be able to talk to a human being rather than filling in details on a website controlled by merciless, antipathetic robots. I know the banks aren't anyone's favourite people now but the counter staff made it easy for me to open an account! As this human contact can make life so much easier for me, I have chosen a bank that has a real branch near the university and not just a 'hole in the wall'. I don't want to waste my time arguing with a cash point machine!

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