Guest blog - Speech recognition: things you might not know

by Rhodri Buttrick on 5 July 2010
  1. You can use Speech Recognition Software with almost any application
  2. If you have difficulty manipulating a mouse because of a physical disability, you might find browsing the Internet difficult. Dragon labels each of the hyperlinks with a number so all you have to do is call out the number and it clicks on the link for you.
  3. Youtube is now trialling subtitles on certain videos which are generated by speech recognition. They are not totally accurate yet, but I'm sure they soon will be.
  4. If you receive Speech Recognition Software as part of the Disabled Students Allowance, you can also ask to receive training in its use.
  5. The accuracy of speech recognition improves if used properly.
  6. It is possible to create specialist vocabularies to suit your particular work. Some manufacturers already have specialist dictionaries, such as medical and legal.
  7. If there is a particular piece of text you find yourself having to write a lot, such as your address when you write a letter, dragging allows you to have a code word for it. For instance, there is the option to program it to type out your entire address everytime you say the phrase 'my address'.
  8. Dragon can be used to help you browse the Internet. When using a regular browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, Dragon automatically labels the hyperlinks with numbers. To click on the hyperlinks, you simply call up the numbers. You can also speak the names of the hyperlinks to click on them. This is particularly useful for those with physical impairments which make using a mouse difficult.
  9. It is a common belief that Speech Recognition does not work for regional accents. This is not true. What matters is pronouncing words consistently and not leaving out sounds.
  10. It is also a myth that children can’t use Speech Recognition. I started using it when I was ten and I didn’t have to do much retraining when my voice broke!

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