The inspiration gap in Travel and Tourism

by Tom Peterson on 17 October 2017

Where in the world shall we go? Let's just go away for the weekend! I need a break...

Sound familiar? We often wish to be spontaneous with our travel choices but finding inspiration is rather uninspiring.

Platforms like Netflix and Amazon thrive on customer indecision and inundate the user with a plethora of choice, recommending everything from Stranger Things to the kitchen sink. So why has travel yet to catch on? Is there a way for the industry to hop onto the personalised suggestion bandwagon?

The digital landscape in travel is highly complex, often with multiple layers between a search engine and travel provider. While many vendors try to inspire through promotions, offers and tag pages, it’s often lost in the eyes of customers starting at the top of the funnel. 

The music (Spotify, Apple music) and video (Netflix) industries have embraced content curation as a way to inspire customers compared to travel’s search-first experience and so far, the travel industry is lagging behind. There are many techniques for content curation as follows:


Generating inspiration does not need to rely on internal content but can be sourced from the crowd. Brompton  Bikes, following on from research conducted by Webcredible, created a way to engage with their community on their website by asking them to explore their world and share the experience. This resulted in:

  • E-commerce revenue more than doubling (122% increase)
  • The sales process optimisation with 92% of people completing the new choose a Brompton journey, contributing to a 103% increase in people saving bikes that they've built 
  • User numbers have increased by 33%
  • Time spent on site has increased by 30 seconds on average

The Brompton website won the award for 'UX/Usability' at the 2015 Dadi awards (run by The Drum magazine), showing that our work is recognised as industry-leading.

Brompton Social Media

Keep them guessing?

In a sea of choices, surprise and randomisation can sometimes be an effective strategy. Pack Up + Go is an agency based in the States that lets you book long weekend trips to surprise destinations.

Judging the market

It is worth considering other factors, such as currency, to help people find their ideal holiday. Recent fluctuations in the value of the Pound are influencing holiday decisions, with people looking at destinations like Argentina, Mexico where their money may go further.

Keep your messaging relevant and timely!

Do the (right) research

Here at Webcredible, we know that the insights from customer research lead to engaging and innovative design across products and services.  With 14 years of expertise in the travel industry working with Saga, Kuoni, Virgin Trains, Heathrow Express and more, research has underpinned each design decision we make.

So, if you are looking at how to maximise your engagement, increase your search ranking or implement new products think about engaging with customers to understand their motivations and goals - having this insight massively decreases risk and increases return on investment.

Get your research right, and the results will follow.

Final thought

Those who succeed in these testing markets are those who do not blindly follow trends and instead listen and converse with their audiences. If you do the right research, you’ll find where/when/how and why your customers want to travel and engage with them as they embark across the seas.

If you want to design products and services that your customers will love, and that deliver on your business objectives, contact us today on

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