Internet Explorer 9 and CSS3

by Paul McCarthy on 15 March 2011

Whilst working on some new articles for the website I’ve been really impressed by what people are creating using CSS3.

It’s a really exciting time. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 has just been released and it supports plenty of CSS3 properties (full list of Internet Explorer CSS3 properties). But of course, as with all web development, it’s never that easy. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 isn’t compatible with windows XP.

Users on XP – which will account for around 40 to 45% of your website traffic  – will be unable to upgrade to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. It’s really got us thinking what’s the best way of arranging our stylesheets.

Anyway, here’s a couple of nice examples of CSS3 for you to enjoy either in Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 9 running Windows 7 or Vista:

Let me know if you’ve seen nice examples of CSS3 or Windows 7, really cheap!

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