Mac app store unforgiving of slips

by Alistair Gray on 17 January 2011

My first impressions of the Mac store was pretty positive.

The structure and navigation style is very similar to iTunes. This is a good idea – why recreate the navigation and graphical design wheel?

The app range is healthy for launch (get Osmosis, get it now), and the ‘download/install’ process it very well handled. All programs are downloaded and added to the system ‘Applications’ automatically. I wish all programs could install themselves like this…

However after selecting an app you are requested to enter your Apple ID password. You aren’t asked again for 15 minutes or so. This results in you effectively turning on 1-click purchasing. Not ideal as you are given no warning, resulting in my girlfriend purchasing a £12 app by accident. All it needs is 1 slip.

There’s also no way to recover without an email to (thankfully very forgiving) support.  The ‘help’ directed us to a ‘purchase summary’ area, that didn’t appear to be present at the time.

Overall there seems to be small niggles that still need to be ironed out, but a competent release. The store supports a positive user experience, particularly the automatic download. I’m also looking forward to (not noticing) the automatic updates!

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