Becoming a Webcredible intern

by Michael Katalanos on 30 May 2016

If you're reading this, then chances are you're interested in Webcredible's upcoming internship scheme, and you may even be participating in the upcoming Design Jam we'll be holding for internship applicants.

I thought I would share some of my experiences being a Webcredible intern, before eventually joining as a full-time UX Consultant. It's certainly been an exciting and fortunate journey, and definitely not a 'traditional' one!

It was a genuinely exciting first conversation

Interview process

Coming from a visual design background, I'd decided I wanted to get into the UX world to improve and inform my designs. After getting in touch with Webcredible, the first good sign was that I was invited to come in for a coffee and chat, rather than a strict interview.

Admittedly I was under prepared. I arrived to my interview straight after work and had not had as much time as I would have liked to arrange and present my work – my one point of advice would be that it never hurts to plan and prepare!

Luckily, one thing I did feel confident I got across was a sense of my passion to learn more about UX and to improve my skills. It was a genuinely exciting first conversation and I left the Webcredible office thinking this was my chance to finally do what I wanted.

The internship

Of course, the biggest question you're probably keen to have answered is what kind of work an intern gets involved in at Webcredible. I'm happy to say that it's the same work as everyone else.

I quickly got involved in doing a mix of client and internal design work, giving me the chance to learn through a combination of deadline driven work (external), and work with greater creative freedom (internal).

In terms of new skills, I was pleasantly surprised to be learning how to use Sketch and Axure in my first week in order to build prototypes and wireframe ideas.

Another major responsibility I gained was running workshops. Being able to visit a client's office and speak to them about their strategic goals was immensely useful experience to improve my skills in UX design and relationship management.

Finally, working through extensive user testing was an eye-opener in testing and going through iterations of designs to better meet user needs. All in all, I got to work on projects like any other Webcredible, and it was a great way to learn a lot of the skills I was keen to develop.

The culture

The last question to ask would be whether I had a good time doing everything I just mentioned, and I'm happy to say it was great! It's an extremely welcoming and supportive environment, and I've been able to continue having the confidence to share my ideas with colleagues.

It's also great to work with people you can hang out with outside of projects. I've helped out in cooking a few company lunches, and also gotten to go to industry events with the rest of the company.

Getting hired

When I got hired I couldn't keep the smile off my face and I was genuinely buzzing. I felt like all the work I'd put into my internship had paid off well, and it made me excited about future projects and work.

If I had to give any tips to future interns, it would be to not hesitate in sharing ideas, being confident in how you can contribute. I found Webcredible to be a great place to develop and prove myself, and I've definitely grown professionally through the internship!

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