Mobile TV uptake

by Abid Warsi on 24 August 2009

A recent BBC News article discussed the slow uptake of mobile TV (Mobile TV ‘very slow’ to take off). We discussed mobile TV in ourScreen Reality report where we discussed the convergence across the PC, TV and mobile phone.

As we predicted, live mobile TV has been slow to take off. Most people won’t plan their mobile TV watching according to broadcast TV schedules. The potential growth area we predicted for live TV seems to have been more successful. Watching live events such as sporting events or Michael Jackson’s memorial service is more common.

Mobile TV providers should consider the context in which consumers will use their services. With the exception of watching live events, consumers are more likely to watch content if they can start watching at a time that’s suitable to them, pause it and then pick up from where they left off at a later time.

If your interested in reading more about convergence have a read of our Screen Reality report.

Do you watch TV or video on your mobile phones? Tell us about your experiences.

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