Move vs Kinect - sales update

by Alistair Gray on 15 December 2010

Both Playstation Move and Microsoft Kinect have hit the shops in the last couple of months.

Which is doing better? Well, they’ve both hit big worldwide sales recently (Kinect has sold a reported 2.5m worldwide in just 25 days, whileSony have reported shipping 4.1m Move units to suppliers since its release in September – registration required), so I’d say both companies will be patting themselves on the back.  The big factor will be the Christmas sales (not long to go!).

I own a Playstation Move myself, and I must say it’s a very impressive piece of kit.  I’ve yet to play with a Kinect, but they look fun too.

We will be publishing an article looking at the big motion control releases soon, so watch this space!

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