My first month at Webcredible

by Monica Ferraro on 1 April 2015

I've been at Webcredible for a little over a month after ten years at my old job. Being part of a new team has been a very exciting experience! I used to work in academia and now I work for UX agency. At my old job work was a bit slower; now it's much faster, very lean, with shorter reports focusing on outcomes rather than processes. I like that!

Week 1

My first week was all about settling in to the new office. New laptop, new desk, new telephone, new colleagues and most unusual of all - getting used to hot-desking (I've realised I’m a creature of habit. I always sit at the same desk… I am not sure why!). I had an induction and received a lovely booklet with all the information I needed to get me set up. The open-plan office kitchen is a really nice feature, it has a cooker, all the utensils you need to cook a proper meal and plenty of space to sit and eat with colleagues. I was also invited to help myself to fruit, tea, coffee and cakes which appear every morning as if by magic. In my first week I also updated my social networks to let everyone know about my new job at Webcredible!

Week 2

By week 2 it was time to start the real work. I had my first meeting with a client to kick off a project I was going to be working on in the next few weeks. I also prepared for a user testing project, which was scheduled for the following week. I dealt with the recruitment agency solving little issues, liaised with the client regarding the research plan and carried out a pilot test. And of course, there was unlimited coffee, tea, fruit, biscuits, cakes, etc.

Week 3

Week 3 was the week of my first project. I moderated and took notes from user testing with 12 participants over two days. We invited the client to come to our new labs and watch the user testing - in total, fourteen people from various teams came to observe the sessions. It was really enjoyable seeing them watch and listen to their users, taking notes on post-it notes and reflecting on what happened over the two days. The third day of the project was about analysis: going through my notes, listing positive and negative observations and  organising them according to severity and making recommendations. The next step was to hold a workshop with the client and their developers to go through our work so far, and co-design parts of the prototype that needed improvements. On the final day, we held another session with the client to present our findings and recommendations, showcasing short video clips from user testing to highlight our main points. This was valuable to the stakeholders who missed out on attending a user testing session. What I learned from my first project at Webcredible:

  • I need to learn how to use the coffee machine :)
  • I’m responsible for making sure the user testing participant has arrived, welcoming him/her and bringing her/him upstairs to the lab
  • While moderating the testing session, jot down in your notes the exact time stamp when the user says something interesting (you can see this on the device’s screen used by the participant). This will save you time during analysis
  • Be empathetic with the participants: how do they feel about the product and why

And of course, there was always time for unlimited coffee, tea, fruit, biscuits, cakes, etc.

Week 4

Week 4 was time for reflection, what went well and what could be improved from my week of user testing. Then it was time to prepare for the next project. This included preparing a new research plan: what are going to test, what are the research objectives and how are we going to achieve them? All-in-all it's been a great first month, and I look forward to the next! If you're interested in joining Webcredible take a look at our careers page. You could be writing your own first month blog soon enough!

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