My life without Facebook

by Yeevon Ooi on 11 February 2011

 Come to think about it, I’ve been without Facebook for more than a year now. Do I feel like a social recluse?  Not really. Do I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot? Not really. Do my friends find me annoying? Some do (or maybe more than I’m aware of), because they now have to make extra efforts to send me emails or text messages.

However, that means I usually get the important news and my brain has more capacity to deal with more pressing matters. It does mean I have fewer friends though, because I definitely don’t have 200 people keeping me updated on their most recent ups and downs on a daily basis.

Another thought that I find amusing by not being on Facebook is the fact that some marketing campaigns with a Facebook element reaches a wall when they hit me. The fact that I don’t have a Facebook account means that I can’t join XYZ on their Facebook group, nor can I ‘Like’ that shiny something on a website. How does that feel? Fantastic! Not sure if I’m missing out on anything though.

Still, there are things which I’m definitely missing out on such as photos taken by friends and families during weddings, childbirth, holidays etc. I usually don’t get to see much of those unless someone can be bothered to send me photos by painfully attaching them to emails. It’s the price I have to pay for not being on Facebook.

Funnily enough, some people have confessed that it’s a love hate relationship with Facebook. You can’t live without it, but it doesn’t make you feel great all the time. Some exercise moderation, some use it for keeping in touch with very specific ‘groups’ of friends and/or family members. Some think it’s a waste of time and got rid of it. What do you think?

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