Behind the scenes at Webcredible this Halloween

by Richard Johnston on 31 October 2016

What User Experiences could we design for Virtual Reality? Is it possible to deliver a digital only immersive experience? What is fear? How do you write a script? These are just a couple of the questions we asked ourselves when we got together to brainstorm ideas for our first Webcredible Labs innovation project a few months ago.

So, in the spirit of Halloween, Jane, Scott, Daria, Rich and Jorge would like to introduce you to 'Backstage', the world's first digital only immersive haunted house experience.

Currently in its early conceptual stages, we've been taking inspiration from some of London's latest virtual experiences including Shrek's Adventure, Derren Brown's Ghost Train at Thorpe Park, and of course the immersive theatre legends that are Punchdrunk. The results of our design across Virtual Reality, Wearable Technology, and Augmented Reality can be viewed here on our campaign site:

We've been working on the world's first digital-only immersive haunted house experience

If all the Backstage microsite hasn't whet your appetite and convinced you to sign up, then let us ply you with some snazzy visuals and show you some of the design work we've done to date:

Creating a spooky story

Devising the story.png

A scary look and feel

Defining the look and feel.png

Designing the frightful experience

Designing the digital experience.png

Haunted tech concept sketching

Dreaming up the tech concepts.png

Sound good want to know more? Sign-up and stay up to date:

As the project evolves we'll keep you updated with our latest concepts, prototypes and trial runs of the experience.

See more behind the scenes footage on our Instagram page (including this one of our Jane demonstrating the virtual reality fear factor).


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