Our website re-design!

by Gemma Maidment on 4 April 2012


It has taken months of planning, user testing, thinking like our clients, creative concept building, mood boarding, wireframing, re-thinking the information architecture, graphic designing, copywriting, coding, more project coordinating, photoshop-ing, and towards the end of the final month increased blood pressure and not much sleep – all to align our website with our brand strategy and deliver a better customer experience for you!

Was it worth it?

Yes, definitely. Aligning your digital customer experience with your brand aspirations is imperative for all businesses to succeed.

Top tips for marketing managers to get it right

  • Remember who your customers are – don’t make your site around your internal organisation. If in doubt, get a customer experience agency in (like us) to help you separate your internal perceptions from your real customer needs to deliver on both your business and client requirements
  • Use professionals – your site will be better and quicker but keep your eye on the ball at all times to make sure it all comes together
  • Have a vision, business objectives and strong brand strategy – you will doubt yourself at some point and going back to the purpose, be it the business goals, customer needs or brand vision, it is very useful to keep you on track. Especially when all those internal opinions start bouncing around
  • Planning and lists – have a plan to work to, you will need more time than you t
    hink but it’ll be a good driving force, and have rolling to do lists for you, your designer, and your developer to keep on top of things. (Especially towards the end when it’s all about the finishing touches)
  • Get it live with a fix it list after – it’ll never be perfect so don’t stress about that. Get it live and with the things you know you want to do next in a prioritised list. Then ask for your customers honest feedback on the live site, then put a plan together to get the updates implemented!

What’s next?

It doesn’t stop here. Great branding means having a consistent and appropriate customer experience across all brand touchpoints. We will be updating our brochures, advertising, business cards, etc. and office environment to make sure that you get that Webcredible feeling where ever you interact with us. We will be reviewing and updating all of our other digital platforms too (like mobile website and social platforms). One other thing to remember about this… it all takes a bit of time.

What do you think?

All it leaves me to do now is to ask you all for your feedback! So, what do you think of our new site?

We have a ‘next steps’ to do list for our website so if there is anything that you think we need to do to improve our new website or things you love that you wouldn’t want us to change in the design then please, let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for your comment. It has been submitted for approval.

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