Personalised message from Santa

by Claire Savage on 17 December 2010

When I was a kid, going to see Santa at Hanningtons in Brighton was one of the highlights of the Festive season. Going through the winter scene (paper mache), onto the special sleigh ride (the decorated lift), meeting Mr C and receiving an exciting gift of a Catch It Cone, was just the best Christmas you could ever want.

Now, however, as the visits to Santa get more ambitious, expensive and the questions about why is Santa at our local garden centre gets harder to answer, I have the perfect solution!  I don’t need to take my kids to see Santa he sends his very own personalised message to them via email!!!

Santa’s message includes their photos, special details about what they need to make extra effort with (i.e. what I am constantly asking them to do), reminder of what they asked for Christmas complete with image (the main toy they are getting, regardless of whether it’s what they wanted) and insider details about theNorth Pole operations.  Ooh I love the Internet.

Whether it’s tracking Santa on Christmas Eve with Norad or Portable North Pole Santa Console, the kids generally prefer this personalised direct 1-2-1 messaging which they can watch over and over again. My youngest has watched his over and over again, answering Santa’s questions.  And it’s FREE!

Only draw back this year was I had got it wrong. I had got the wrong present! Son no.2 didn’t want the IronMan 2 car…. he wanted SpyGear or Kung Zhu Warrior Hamsters, how did Santa get that wrong?!

So a quick email to Santa just to check and a secret visit to Argos to exchange items and I think we are all sorted for Christmas Day.

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