Photo tagging and social media - the future?

by Claire Savage on 15 November 2010

Having just purchased a rather nice APPLE Mac to play round with photos and videos, I’m pretty impressed with the face recognition tool in photos.

The photo software supplied allows the user to ‘tag’ photos with names and it will then automatically search for the tagged individual across your entire photo collection, giving you the opportunity to confirm the identity.

Great!! But as with all technology I now expect it everywhere! I want my APPLE to talk to my Facebook profile and integrate the two seamlessly.

Just imagine the future; all the social media applications automatically recognising and tagging faces.  The Face book and Google privacy departments would have a field day collecting and using information about individuals all accidentally (of course).

I can see the headlines now – ‘Caught in the Act!’ – ‘Marriage wrecked by automatic tagging recognition of wife on Face book page’
Combined with the power of geolocation and instant photo tagging…. the mind boggles.

However, there is a limitation with the photo tagging on the MAC.
It does not do pets. At least not yet.

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