Social media and TV convergence...return of Treasure Hunt?

by Claire Savage on 13 May 2010

Watching the Gadget Show this week, I was struck by the convergence of social media with TV not in opinion giving or feedback but actual participation by the audience.Anneke Rice from Treasure Hunt

The last few months there has been increasingly more press aroundsocial media and TV particularly around ‘live’ opinions on the General Election debates.
What was so interesting about the use of Social Media on the Gadget Show was;

1. It was recorded and not live
2. Unadvertised requested audience participation in an activity on a show (as far as the viewer was concerned), in something which resembled a popular TV show from the 1980s featuring a helicopter and a woman running round in tight clothes

The activity featured 2 of the presenters (man vs. woman) fighting it out in a challenge – 1 using a Smartphone and the other using a number of gadgets such as notebook, mobile, digital camera etc. The challenge featured the 2 being taken to an unknown area, tied to the chair and then given the task to discover where they were and to be rescued.

And so Twitter came to the rescue… using various free tools, sending Tweets, identifying locations, Google Eye and Google maps the lady presenter’s Twitter followers soon came to the rescue.

So I wonder, just how soon it will be before we see an updated social media version of the 1980s Treasure Hunt TV Show?

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