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by Claire Savage on 3 June 2010

Social media continues its domination in marketing news and buzz. Marketers with years of experience outside of the digital sector and SMEs are often reluctant to adopt it or simply don’t know where to start.

Our Successful Social Media podcast (the link to the podcast is at the bottom of the page) outlines the basics to social media, what to think about and how it can help generate traffic, new business leads and carry out market research.

Many will remain resistant and pessimistic about just how effective social media can be for business and to put it quite simply this is normally because they:

  • Don’t understand what it is
  • See it as a fad

Let’s get things straight. Social media is really quite simple. It’s just another channel to audiences that you need to communicate with. However, it can be 2-way, it’s constant and control can be minimal.

Social media is not a fad. It’s here to stay whether in the form we see today or a new form. Convergence with TV is fuelling it’s evolution and it’s growth is rapid. It’s here to stay so you might as well get used to it before it’s too late.

Photo credit: matthamm via Flickr

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