University websites - who's making the UX grade?

by Gemma Maidment on 13 June 2013

The Education report 2013

Our latest industry report investigates the Higher Education sector, specifically analysing the digital presence and user experience of 10 UK universities. Our aim was to see which university came out with the best level of user experience. Download the Education user experience report 2013 now for 10 essential online guidelines for Educational institutions to succeed, analysis of universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Cardiff, Aston and to see who's top of the Experience Index leader board!

Why is user experience important for the education industry?

With the hike in tuition fees and a growing focus on engaging international students, UK universities are finding themselves in an increasingly competitive market. Vying  for the attention of an digital savvy undergraduate population around the world is not an easy task! Reviewing 10 UK universities of various types, locations and rankings against 10 guidelines allowed us to benchmark the industry in terms of key areas of customer experience bespoke to the education institutions. Getting the usability and user experience right in key areas of their digital presence are paramount for these industries, and as the Webcredible Education report 2013 discovers the industry as a whole is lagging behind.

How would you judge a university?

What do you think about the digital assets of universities and educational institutions? Have you seen a shinning examples that would make you want to invest a potential £9k a year in your or your child's degree with a particular university? Let us know what your criteria might be in the comments below!  

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