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by Steven Datt on 14 April 2011

Recently I had to reinstall Windows 7, and whenever I need to reinstall or format a drive I always get that really apprehensive feeling of “Did I back up everything I need?” Usually I do, but this time I not only forgot my Chrome bookmarks but my Firefox ones too! I must have spent an hour in total despair because I had lost so many resources that I had saved for various uses. Eventually I just had to accept that I needed to rebuild it.

One of the very first things I made sure to bookmark was Colour Lovers, which is a really valuable resource to me as I can never put a decent colour scheme together when I start building a site, though the colours usually evolve the further I progress.

You can find complete colour palettes on the site and while some are really out there (totally incompatible-looking colours – even to me!), there are some that are really good and can serve as a good base for your website design.

There’s also an area under the Trends section where you can view how a selection of colours would look when used on a website, which is good for inspiration.

If I have a creative streak going then I’ll browse through the single colour swatches to mix and match my own theme, much easier than opening Photoshop and fishing around for colours, and there are loads of colours on the site that I would never find in the colour picker in Photoshop.

Have you found any nice little gems on ColourLovers?

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