Webcredible Team Day

by Danielle Lyon on 7 July 2009

Every year Webcredible has a Team Day where we all partake in mostly embarrassing team activities for a day.  This year we combined our annual values session, a communications profiling session and to finish off, a nostalgic sports day in Hyde Park.

The values reflect how we all feel about being a Webcredible and enables us to all share a vision and work towards a common goal both internally as a team and with our clients.  These will be updated over the next few days in our History & culture page, check out what we came up with!

The communications profiling session was about establishing our own communication styles and learning to adapt our own styles to suit other people, there are four types of communication styles we talked about:

  • Driver – Fast & short tone, directive, ‘I’, Likes Facts, Assertive
  • Analytical – Logical, speaks long tone, questions, ‘We’, Likes facts
  • Amiable – Mostly ‘we’, open dialogue, question & suggestions, long tone
  • Expressive – Animated, ‘I’, informal, dynamic, fast & inflective

It’s great as we have a good mix of different communication styles within the company, and it was no surprise being the office manager that I am a driver : )

Picture of Webcredible staff on team dayAfter this we hiked to Hyde Park with a nice bottle of Pimms and lots of sports day equipment.  We started gently with some general knowledge questions then got stuck in with egg and spoon races, sack races, bean bag balancing races and plenty more, I think most of us definitely felt the pain the next day!

I must say it was worth all the aches and pain the next day as the winning team got to pie (with a Victoria sponge cake) the two directors of Webcredible!

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