What is Agile project management?

by Gemma Maidment on 7 November 2014

So, you’ve heard a lot about agile projects but you’re not really sure what agile project management is all about? Fear not, Webcredible’s Head of Delivery – Charlie Davis – talks about agile project management giving you a quick intro into:

  • What are the key elements of an agile project?
  • What does working in a ‘sprint’ mean?
  • If you already work in project management how can adopting agile principals such as collaboration and working in co-locations with your clients help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently?

Watch our video and find out why Charlie (along with UX consultant Andy) has developed a brand new 1-day agile project management course that gives you an introduction to agile project management and the inner workings of an agile project, leaving you with learnings that you can implement immediately.

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How would I describe agile in one sentence?

Agile is a framework where teams work together, it’s a very collaborative environment and it’s where you try to approach the project by doing lots of things all at the same time rather than doing them in different stages one after the other.

The agile process allows you to just focus on a particular time box- we call it a sprint. Sometimes that’s one week, sometimes that’s two weeks, and it allows a team just to focus on what they’re going to do within that sprint which means that all the other noise and distractions about other things going on are left until when you have to do them in the project.

It’s also is a very collaborative environment so within that two weeks you’re working alongside everybody, it’s very keen on having co-location and collaboration, so we put our teams on our client’s side and they work in their offices or we invite clients to our office. Within that two weeks it means you can get an awful lot of work done because you’ve got teams of five or seven people working alongside each other really rapidly, coming to the best solution.

For a client, it means that they get to see our work in progress very frequently, so traditional waterfall methods mean that you don’t actually see the design until the design phase is over, you don’t see the development until the development phase is over, and sometimes that can mean that months and months have passed. If you are a client in an agile project you get to see work every day, or every other day or definitely in every sprint.

We are running an agile project management course that will start in November. The course is a real great opportunity for project managers to understand how to manage projects, but also we are running it with one of consultants as well so you get to understand what it is like to be part of an agile team – you’ll get an insight into the ‘day in the life of an agile project.’

It’s a really fun day, if people are interested and want to find out more they are more than welcome to get in touch!

… End transcript.

How did you get yourself ready for agile? Let us know in the comments below!

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