What we're looking forward to in Axure 8

by Tom Stewart on 5 November 2015

You may or may not have heard that there is an update soon to be released for Axure RP – our prototyping tool of choice here at Webcredible and for a lot of the UX industry.

There have long been discussions about the benefits and disadvantages that prototyping with Axure offers, and it looks like the team over at Axure HQ have started making moves towards bridging the gap between Axure and prototyping in the browser with front-end development.

We're excited about it! There are a number of features we're particularly looking forward to:

  1. Team projects hosted on Axshare online – being able to host a team project online is a major improvement for collaborative working, instead of having to use a local server. We see this being a huge help for all our offsite work at our clients offices!
  2. Move towards more dynamic use of the HTML - the combination of 'Fit to HTML tool' and 'OnItemResize' looks like Axure might be able to offer some more dynamic movement, more comparative to what is possible in the browser. Hopefully this will give more flexibility within Adaptive Views, which were a great enhancement in the previous Axure update.
  3. Animations and simultaneous actions – being able to add exciting new animations is long overdue, so we have high hopes that a new wave of capabilities in this area can allow higher fidelity interaction design before any front-end development. We will all have to wait and see how useful these are in communicating movement in design.
  4. Groups of objects - now you can group elements and give them a name. You'll be able to add events and actions to them too, reducing the need to create dynamic panels when you don't need to have different states, only group things together (e.g. For push/pull).

You can find the full list of new features on the Axure Forum (it's currently in Beta if you want to try it out!)

In the Webcredible studio, we are always exploring new ways of communicating design, and we are excited to see how the new Axure update will stack up against other prototyping tools making waves like Principle or Adobe's latest Start-to-Finish UX venture: Project Comet (due early 2016).

Is there one prototyping tool to rule them all...? If we find it we'll let you know.

Want to learn more about Axure and prototyping? Check out our Axure training course to be taught by our resident experts!

David C. says 08:01am 09 Feb 2016

I use Axure too, every day, and I have to say that I am disappointed with the team. I need Slack, Sketch and JIRA pug-ins, and an easy way to create and show journeys and flows. When I compare the evolution of UX Pin or Invision, where they were two years ago and where they are now, with how Axure has changed, there is no competition.

Thank you for your comment. It has been submitted for approval.

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